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Precio desde México:
Precio en Pesos:$535.00
Precio con I.V.A.:$620.60
Tiempo de Entrega: DISPONIBLE Flete GRATIS a todo México.
12 Meses Banamex:$63.61
12 Meses BBVA Bancomer:$63.61
12 Meses Santander:$62.06

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Características Gabinete Silverstone FragBox

Small Form Factor - Redefined
The original FragBox shook up the world of small form factor (SFF) PCs, Hailed as "PC of the Year" for 2003 by Ziff Davis magazine.What started as an ideal to give LAN-gamers a portable PC with the power of a desktop turned into an amazingly popular system for anyone that didn'n need or want a large tower PC.
The FragBox has the power to run any graphic card and processor combination possible, and our new coolign design will keep those components cold and fast. It`sthe power of our tower systems, in a little black box.

FragBox Features:
Standard Features On All FragBoxes
Convenient carrying handle (removable for stacking)
Optional side window with interior lighting
Dual hard drive configurations support both RAID levels 0 and 1
Your choice of the FragBox or Falcon Northwest illuminated faceplate
Upfront USB 2.0, Firewire, headphone & microphone ports
Combination 3.5" floppy & 4-type media reader standard
Dimensions: 10.75" Wide, 8" High, 14.75" Deep
Weight: 8 lbs. empty weight, up to 22 pounds when fully loaded with 2 hard drives.
Bays: (1) 5.25" & (1) 3.5" exposed. (2) 3.5" internal
One year parts and labor warranty, including one year of Falcon Overnight service.

Intel Core 2 Versions Feature:
Intel G965 chipset motherboard
(4) DDR2 Memory slots (800MHz, 4 GB Maximum)
Supports all Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors
7.1 Sigmatel onboard sound included (analog and digital out)
Slots: (1) PCI Express x16, (1) PCI Express x1, (2) PCI
Ports: (6) SATA, (1) 10/100 Ethernet, (6) USB 2.0, (2) Firewire

FraBox DIY
Please Note: FragBox DIY Kit sales are now being handled thru NewEgg. To order, please click here
For Do-It-Yourselfers: the exclusive Falcon Northwest FragBox Case.
Now you can own the Small Form Factor (SFF) chassis that is taking the industry by storm! Falcon Northwest is offering FragBox cases for computer enthusiasts who want to build their own mega-powered SFF computers. FragBox is the only SFF case on the market that can handle a standard ATX power supply (of any Wattage), 2 hard drive bays, and a standard micro-ATX motherboard. There is nothing else quite like it: from its unique airflow design and aesthetics to its scaled down full tower features, this case is perfect for Do-It-Yourself PC builders who are looking for more than standard SFF designs can provide.

FragBox Chassis Features:
Accommodates any Wattage of standard size ATX power supply *
Accommodates most Micro-ATX motherboards
Convenient carrying handle (removable for stacking)
Side windows with blue interior CCFL light (inverter included)
Bays: (1) 5.25" & (1) 3.5" exposed. (2) 3.5" internal
Three-axis laser etched FragBox logo illuminated faceplate
On/Off switch for the case lighting
90 Day Warranty. Returns on defective merchandise only
All aluminum construction with anodized brushed aluminum housing
Dimensions: 10.75" Wide, 8" High, 14.75" Deep
Weight: 8 lbs. empty
Variable angle graphics card cooler aims cold air right onto your GPU
Optional 600 Watt SilverStone Power supply with custom fit cable pack
Upfront connections: 2 USB, 1 FireWire (IEEE1394), headphone & microphone
FragBox cases & accessories normally ship in 2-3 business days
*While any standard ATX power supply will fit in the FragBox, often they have long, inflexible cables that will make building a Small FormFactor system difficult. We strongly recommend the SilverStone ST-75F "Strider" power supply with PP03 short cable pack.

You can also purchase our preferred Silverstone 750 Watt ATX modular power supplies, with a short cable pack especially for the SFF environment. It comes standard with a 24-pin motherboard power connector and 6-pin PCI Express power connections. Cooling is provided by 120mm fan. The FragBox power supply features active Power Factor Correction (PFC), four 12-volt rails, and automatic 110/220 input voltage switching for International use.

Will all standard size components fit in such a small case?
Yes. We have not found any component yet, including double-width graphics cards, that will not fit into the FragBox 2. A part may exist that

doesn't fit, but so far we haven't seen it.
What do I need to know about building a SFF PC?

Small Form Factors are by nature not as easy to work in as towers. There's not much room for knuckles, and sometimes a part will need to be removed to access another part. Patience is important.
Do you provide technical support for FragBox chassis?
No. Do-It-Yourself means we cannot provide help in building your system. If you have a light or fan fail within warranty, of course support will provide replacements.

What about cooling?
FragBoxes have excellent cooling designed into them, but as with all SFF PCs heat management is critical. Good quality CPU cooling, as well as good airflow through the power supply are key factors in keeping your FragBox cool.

Do you offer custom painted cases?
Not on the DIY case, only for full FragBox system purchases.

Can I get the Falcon Northwest faceplate?
Sorry, we reserve those for full system buyers.

Our System Features
Falcon PCs come with some standard features that make them quite different than the average PC.
And there are a few things we won't do... by design.

Optimized and accessible BIOS
We don't hide your BIOS behind a graphic or limit your access to it. We tweak every system's BIOS settings individually to the very edge of performance - but not one step beyond (risking instability). That means maximum speed without crashing or graphics problems. And If you want to play with your settings to overclock... we give you the tools.

System documentation
Our custom systems all ship with a 3-ring binder with your personal IRQ locations of installed hardware (a "paper registry"), all of your system's quality checks, benchmarks, the Falcon Northwest manual and all original manuals from each component you've selected should it have one.

Perfect cabling
Well routed internal cabling is the mark of a true enthusiast PC maker. You may never even open your case, but the wiring in every Falcon is carefully routed to provide the perfect balance of airflow, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Truly personal system rescue discs
We burn a complete backup of your exact Mach V system the moment it leaves our doors, and then custom print the disc case in full color with your name. Should your PC ever have problems or you just like to clean out Windows every once in a while, our rescue discs can easily get your

PC back to its "factory fresh" state.
We give you a real copy of Microsoft Windows
You get the full version of Windows on every Falcon system, complete with an original CD. No "hard drive only" installs or those so-called "special deals" that leave you short- changed. The full version of the OS and nothing else.

Testing, testing and even more testing
We do an exhaustive 3-day "burn-in" of every system and try to make the system fail here at the factory so it will not fail on you. We simulate months of the most tortuous use you could imagine. If every part can't pass our tests flawlessly - it doesn't ship.

Stuff we don't do...
Here's a short list of some things you won't find in Falcons and why.

We don't void your warranties
Some PC makers have taken overclocking and component modifications too far in their attempts to catch up with us - to the point where they are voiding the manufacturer's warranties on the parts. Making it worse, most aren't upfront with their customers about this fact. At Falcon we take our systems to the very edge of what the component manufacturers will warrant - we call it "street legal". If you want to push it further with your system, it's your right and you can do so at your own risk. But rest assured Falcon's warranty is in addition to the warranties that our component manufacturers provide - not an attempt to make up for them. Please note that if you want your system overclocked beyond a component manufacturer's warranty, we'll do it for you. And Falcon will still stand behind it with our normal warranty. We know overclocking, and we know how far it can be taken safely.

No unnecessary software - No ads
Falcon PCs ship "clean". We don't ship unnecessary software and utilities you don't need. We clean up your temporary directories and you will not find advertising, online banks, or lame internet offers on a Falcon machine. Absolutely no crap!

No "watered down" hardware
Some big PC manufacturers use "watered down" versions of the hardware you want. For instance, a special version of a motherboard or graphics card that cuts a few corners to save them a few bucks. You'll pay for these later in missing features, slower performance and lack of upgradeability. Beware, many of these look similar to the good stuff. Be sure to check model #'s of the hardware you want, and be especially wary of any stripped down "-D" additions to the model #.

We don't outsource our technical support
Many companies in tech industries have started sending their technical support jobs overseas. A lot of technical support is done in India, Costa Rica, and other countries where they can underpay people enough to still make extra profits even after the hefty long distance charges. We don't believe in that. And we don't believe an outside technical support company can ever give you support as good as the company that makes the product in the first place. We know our systems. We support our systems. We'll never send our problems and our jobs to another company or another country.

Custom Painting
Where others stopped at colored plastic, we went to automotive finishes. Where others stopped at ten colors, we went to infinity. Every FragBook we make is custom painted in the color you choose.
Our Exotix paintwork is the stuff of legend. It’s what makes your Falcon into your dream. Imagine real automotive finishes – industrial quality paints under deep layers of glossy clearcoats. This is the real, baked-on, tough as nails paintwork that exotic cars get, except we use even more layers. Whether you want a basic blue or a $1,000 per pint color changing paint, we do it all. Way more than just colors
Our artists can create or re-create almost anything you can dream, from simple company logos to hand-airbrushed, completely original works of art. In our painted systems the only common theme is that almost no two are alike. Got a piece of software you want seen at your tradeshow booth? Running it on an Exotix with your custom paintwork will really get their attention! Want to intimidate at your next LAN event? Set your Exotix up and watch your competitors drool. Want visitors to your office to be impressed? Set an Exotix with your logo on your desk.

Basic Color
Keep in mind that most colors you can imagine can be done in these types of paint:
"SOLID" indicates a smooth, even color.
"METALLIC" paints contains tiny metal flake particles, which sparkle brightly.
"PEARL" paints contains a "pearlcoat" ground formica additive, which is finer and smoother than metallic particles. Pearlcoats are similar in appearance to metallic paints, but generally take direct light for the additive to reflect.
"COLOR-SHIFTS" are paints covered with an additive that contains millions of tiny prisms, which reflect underlying colors depending on the angle of light hitting them. In practical terms, this means that as you move around your Exotix, it will change colors! Please see the color-shifting examples in our gallery.
We can provide the exact auto finish of any car, foreign or domestic, ever made! One of the easiest ways to order your Exotix color is just to specify a make, model, year, and color of car you like. For instance, when we asked the painter for "Mitsubishi 3000GT Blue", the response we got was "Would you like the 1999, or the 2000 - and import or domestic model?". So please be as specific as possible. If the car is a current model, emailing us a link to the car manufacturer's color choice page is preferred.
We can identify the color values of any picture you can email us, and mix those exact color values into a custom paint for you. Please keep in mind that due to differences in the way different computer monitors display colors, the actual color values may appear slightly different on your monitor.
We can match the color of your company logo, your favorite team color, or even match your favorite shirt. Any sample you can mail to us we can shoot with a color matching gun and create a color-coordinated PC!

Pricing & Availability
Please note that we cannot duplicate copyrighted logos without the owner's permission, and no proceeds are charged on the inclusion of a logo.
Exotix custom paint schemes are available for additional cost on Mach V and FragBox systems. FragBook systems all include the single paint color of your choice. Due to the individual nature and personalization options of each custom paint job we recommend calling our sales department at 1 888 325-2661 to discuss your specific requirements and receive an estimate.
Exotix paintwork is available only as part of a system purchase. We do not sell painted cases separately.
Adding Exotix options to your case will add 10-14 days to your normal order time. Hard to obtain or imported paints may take additional time.
Exotix paint schemes are available in every color currently made in automotive quality paint, imported or domestic.

Terms and warranty
All Exotix paint schemes are warranted for life against fading, peeling, cracking and blistering. Chips and physical damage are not covered.
All custom color Exotix cases are non-refundable.
We reserve the right to pass on, upon your approval, any extra-ordinary costs of obtaining and/or shipping a custom paint. Liquid paints are considered hazardous materials to ship in raw form, and express shipping them if you are in a rush can be quite costly.      

Tiempo de Entrega: DISPONIBLE Flete GRATIS a todo México.
Ciudades donde se entrega: TODO MEXICO
Número de Parte del Fabricante: CS41D02FCB11W

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